Below are some useful resources available on the web:

Hueman WordPress Theme: Alexander Agnarson has created a GREAT theme for WordPress. I found it while scouring the internet for a theme that was good looking, customizable and free. Hueman hits all the right notes and is easy to use on top of it all. Thanks Alexander!

SketchUp: I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Probably the easiest to learn 3D drafting/design program out there. Free and a lot of fun for designers of all ages.

Draftsight: A free and robust 2D drafting program. Those who have used AutoCAD before will find that there is a lot of overlap in the commands, which makes transitioning to Draftsight very easy.

Blender: A full-featured 3D modeling program. Totally free and incredibly powerful. I had played with it in the past, but didn’t get very far. Now there are online tutorials that walk you through some neat projects. Go here to see a video of Blender in action.

Instructables: Need to find your next project? Maybe you want to make an awesome Batman Costume? Or maybe some cheesecake brownies? Instructables has it covered.

OpenOffice: A free and open-source suite of office software.

1 and 1: This is the web hosting service that I use for this site (and a few others). I find their interface easy to use with several free, helpful tools. I’ve never compared 1 and 1 to any other hosting service, but they are definitely worth a look if you are building or revamping your page.