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Traditional and Digital Media Projects


This is a throwback to way WAY back. A stage design drawing for Macbeth that I did while in college. Not a great rendering or design, but there’s still something I love about it. Chalk it up to nostalgia.

Hamlet Rough Sketch

  A VERY rough sketch for a Hamlet scenic design. I discarded this sketch early on and the design ended up going in a completely different direction. I post it here because there is a quality to the shapes that I still...

The Thought Painting

This Though Painting was done in acrylic on canvas. I found the frame in the garbage as I was walking home from working at a gallery in Chelsea. I had a blank space on my bedroom wall, so rather than...

The Propaganda Machine

    The Propaganda Machine design was made as a one-piece stencil for spray painting. The stencil itself was cut out of thick watercolor paper, which is not the best material if longevity is a concern, However, I’ve only used the stencil...